The first Scodix technology press in Poland!

Unlimited possibilities of print enhancements and personalization.

Feel the power of possibilities. For you, we will do... almost everything.

We introduce a new dimension to the world of printing. Discover unlimited possibilities of print enhancements and personalization.

Marketing materials

Leaflets, catalogs, folders, posters, POSM’s and roll-ups have never been so perfectly suited to the recipient. Make your business more personal.

Medium and short runs

Digital printing technology enables medium and short production runs of albums, handbooks or calendars.

Packaging and labels

An exceptional product calls for unique visual presentation. High quality labels, tags or boxes do not only make the content but also the packaging look amazing.


Mock-up presents the whole array of the product’s advantages before it is even produced. All kinds of print enhancements do a particularly good job in this case.

Occasional prints

Occasional cards and invitations may be pieces of art per se. Gain a unique style – you have got unlimited possibilities of print personalization.

Personalized prints

Creative projects going beyond mainstream standards? No problem. The power of enhancements and personalization makes it possible to execute any, even the most fancy, idea.

Get inspired

See the possibilities guaranteed by unlimited personalization and enhancements of prints. Join us to experience a new, inspiring dimension that you can also... touch and feel. By arousing senses you are engaging emotions – your imagination is the only limit.

Why are we the best?

We love what we do. We are printing aficionados and each project is the source of inspiration for us. Enaf Print for Passion is the brand for the people who expect more.

Guarantee of repeatable color

Due to the fact that we use Pantone palette, we can assure you that your project will always be presented in the desired color. We can also guarantee the same color in future production runs.

Using the Braille alphabet

Do you really wish your message to reach everyone? Or maybe just a selected group of people? The possibility to use the Braille alphabet will make it easier for you.

Unlimited personalization

We carry out the most challenging projects. Texts, colors, graphics, varnishes, enhancements – we know how to make your product unique.

Freedom of enhancement

Foil on foil? No problem. Varnish on foil? No big deal. We do not like limitations, so we can offer you real freedom of combining various types of print enhancements.

Unique enhancements

We deliver unusual types of enhancements such as 3D varnish, 3D foil or holographic foil which are unattainable for others. The WOW effect is guaranteed!

Short production runs – even 1 piece is doable

We use the technology which enables us to print even one piece. Do you dream of a unique and absolutely exceptional project? We can do it for you.

Workshops – “Feel the Quality of Print”

We transfer the art of printing to a new dimension. We give it personality and character. Feel its quality and get familiar with the latest trends of the printing industry. We would like to invite you to the most inspirational printing workshops you can think of. And, additionally, they are free of charge.

Would you like to participate in our free-of-charge workshops that will both inspire and present you with new printing opportunities?

Check out our blog!

What do business cards and silk have in common? What are the differences between RGB, CMYK and Pantone? Why is the A size smaller than the B one? The world of printing is no mystery to us. We share novelties, interesting facts and knowledge with you to make your projects even more beautiful and the printing industry more comprehendible to you.
At Enaf Print for Passion we pay a lot of attention to detail. We focus on quality and Customers’ satisfaction. Thanks to the modern printing equipment and our experienced team we are able to meet your individual needs. By means of using the latest technologies, as well as unlimited personalization and enhancement possibilities, we will make your project exceptional and unique.