Some say that the era of leaflets is long gone. We disagree. A beautiful leaflet – appropriately designed and produced – has the potential to reach a wide audience. The latest printing technologies allow us to achieve the best quality and to use virtually unlimited possibilities of enhancements and personalization, what in turn significantly arouses the prospective customer’s interest. The era of leaflets is not over yet. It is just boring and fussy leaflets that are long forgotten. Get ready for the new kind of leaflets!


Beautiful, personalized packaging is eye catching and makes your product look more premium. Because of a wide array of enhancement possibilities and freedom of combining them, you have the opportunity to create a unique project. A product and its packaging form one indissoluble whole, complementing each other. A visually attractive box or bag that stands out in the crowd significantly increases the chances to attract customers’ attention.


A poster is a great tool to promote cultural events, festivals, training courses or sales. If it is appropriately designed and produced with attention to detail, your poster will catch people’s eye and your message will have a wide reach. Thanks to the latest printing possibilities your poster will definitely stand out in the crowd.


A folder may make it possible for you to connect to your customer. Seeing is buying, and that is why it is crucial for your offer to be presented in a visually attractive way. Imagination is the only limit to numerous enhancement and personalization possibilities provided by the latest technologies. Saturated colors, foil or varnish enhancement, a project based on an unusual idea – all of these stir powerful emotions. And before you realize it, the purchasing decision has already been made.

Occasional prints

Ready-made cards or invitations are simply not good enough for some special occasions. Thanks to unlimited possibilities in the area of personalization and enhancements you are able to create a unique, little piece of art. An invitation may absolutely impart the spirit of the particular event, and because of its visual beauty it will also be a nice keepsake. After a unique style of cards or invitations has been decided on, you make the whole event complete and concise.


A catalog serves as a perfect means of presenting prospective customers with your offer. Once printed with the greatest attention to detail, it will also convey everything that is difficult to be defined or described – including emotions. Possibilities offered by the state-of-the-art technologies will accentuate the uniqueness of your offer and catch even the most demanding customer’s attention. A beautifully produced catalog stimulates both senses and imagination.


Thanks to a company calendar your customer will remember about you all year long. If the calendar receives its unique form and character, it will evoke good emotions and present the company as a prestigious expert, the one who is worth getting back to. Thanks to the technology that enables freedom of enhancement combinations, you may effortlessly create a professional image of your company.