We are the first printing shop in Poland to have the latest, fully digitalized machine for print enhancements – Scodix Ultra2 PRO +Foil. Scodix digital technology provides enhancement possibilities which are unattainable for other technologies: varnish 3D, foil 3D, cast&cure varnish, holographic foil or the Braille alphabet. As a result we are able to move to a higher level of printing not only from a visual but also sensoric perspective.

We can freely combine available types of enhancements and thus achieve the most fancy forms (foil on foil, varnish on foil, etc.). The designer’s imagination is the only limit. Our technology allows us to execute all kinds of orders such as printing leaflets, occasional prints, folders, book covers, brochures, labels or packaging – even in short production runs! The whole production process is fully digitalized based on the submitted graphic files, and we can ensure every kind of personalization. No die cutting, no plates, no long lead times.