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We produce carton boxes and unique labels for customers coming from different industries and markets. Thanks to our 19-years of market experience, large range of materials and enhancements, we create unique products. Using modern & high-tech printing equipment, our boxes let the customers enter higher level of aesthetics not only by graphic design but also by sensoric feelings.

The customers appreciate our commitment, highest quality and professional services, so we provide service for German, Nordic, British and other European markets.


”I am very pleased with all products Enaf has produced for us. Good quality, pricing, flexible support and a lot of variety in printing techniques that is important for me as a designer.”

Josper Holm Desidnstudio

Your idea – our production of boxes …

  • product boxes;
  • eco-friendly (up to 100% recyclable);
  • protected by food safe foil;
  • made of hard plastics;
  • enhanced in Scodix technology (3D varnish, metalic or holo foils);
  • die-cutted from our forms or individual projects;
  • punched out by cutting table in any shape,
  • made from decorative cartons;
  • made with laser cutting and engraving;
  • personalized by text, graphic, enhancement or by Indigo Mosaic (one desing – thousands of combinations).

… and much more:

  • we produce unique labels, bookjackets, paper bags and envelopes;
  • assure high quality print on HP Indigo press up to B2 size;
  • print with white ink on color and metalics papers;
  • provide combination of different enhancements to reach unusual effects (foil on foil, varnish on foil, cast&cure);
  • hot-stamping;
  • 3D varnish with Braille alphabet combined with graphic design;
  • support in technology and paper usage;
  • short, medium, large quantities;
  • mock-ups made on cutting table;
  • preparing of die-cuts projects.


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