Our production is synonymous with the highest standard of prints, and its quality is guaranteed by HP Indigo technology. It enables a higher quality of print than the one offered by the traditional offset technology, and yet it allows for all advantages of digital printing to be maintained. We have two latest generation presses: HP Indigo 7800, the SR A3+ size, and HP Indigo 12000, the B2 size, which secure perfect color reproduction thanks to 7-color separation. This advantage is a complement to the possibility of printing on various substrates. Thanks to a wide array of coated, uncoated or fine papers and plastics we are able to execute diverse orders.

HP Indigo is the technology which spans the biggest color spectrum of reproduced hues. We can assure 97% coverage of the Pantone formula guide without any prepress activities. What is important, our presses also print in white (thus we print on colored-through paper on a regular basis) and fluorescent colors, UV red ink and ready-made colors available directly from a can (as the only commercial printing shop in Poland we have our own color mixing facility dedicated to HP Indigo technology).

HP Indigo technology, thanks to its repeatability and significant production flexibility, is widely used in production of both commercial and stationary prints. Due to the fact that we have absolutely great presses, we are able to provide the best quality even in the case of short production runs.

In our warehouse we have more than 300 kinds of white and color paper as well as plastics (not taking into consideration various paper density and size specifications) that have already been tested on our printing presses. Every time we have a new substrate coming onto the market, we always carry out our own tests – regardless of the producer’s certification – and assess it in order to see if it meets our Customers’ needs.

Owing to the great specification of our printing machines, we are able to provide the best quality even in the case of short production runs.