Our printing shop is equipped with various binding machines that ensure perfect capabilities in terms of finishing executed projects. We combine modern production lines with human hand’s precision.

Saddle-sticher, perfect binder, foiler, laminating machine, devices used for cutting, cutting out, scribing, creasing, or drilling paper. So putting it in a nutshell, we have everything that is needed in a bindery.

We have at our disposal the state-of-the-art laser used for cutting and engraving that proves indispensable while executing projects demanding exceptional precision.

We have a Kongsberg cutting table used for cutting out mock-ups, packaging and special project jobs. Its advantage is the fact that it can cut jobs fast directly from files without the need to prepare dies. It excels in the case of low and medium production runs.

A universal bindery for both simple and complex jobs that guarantees high level of aesthetics and quality of executed orders.