Enaf Print for Passion is so much more than just a printing shop

Since 2002, we have been helping our Customers to create the most original, bold and unique projects that one could think of. We present Customers with new solutions and show them that printing is living matter evoking very strong emotions. We run regular workshops to prove that there are great opportunities in the printing universe. There is also a sensoric aspect to it, and projects carried out by us serve as the best evidence. Combining the modern machine park, innovative technology and our team of people who love everything about printing enables us to create beautiful and extraordinary projects. The quality comes from both passion and professional attitude – Enaf Print for Passion is the answer to questions posed by those who strive for more. Definitely more.



Over several years we have carried out numerous projects, simpler and more complex both in terms of form and type of enhancements. Not only have we produced unique packaging but also simple leaflets or posters. We are not afraid of challenges. We are fully aware of our capabilities and we know how to help you achieve your desired effect.



Our team is made up of experienced individuals who have already executed hundreds of various projects. We are constantly evolving, we love printing and we live for new challenges. That is why we are able to print virtually everything for you. We achieve the best results because we combine our expertise in the latest printing technologies and state-of-the-art machine park.



We implement things that others may just dream of. We were the first printing shop in Poland to start using Scodix technology that enables us to offer absolutely unlimited possibilities of enhancements. We have both digital and offset presses – HP Indigo, Komori and Heidelberg – which guarantee the highest quality of printing. The technologies we use enable us to execute short and medium production runs as well.